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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/6/09 Well my perfect 'no pee' record from yesterday was smashed to smithereens this morning after Mom left me out way long enough to have done it, along with the other. I guess I must have been shivering too hard to do the job even with two coats on.
Then very quickly it really warms up here in AZ--almost too hot for the second walk today--Mom's. But then these temps are why we live here I've heard. Quite frankly it works much better for both of us when we do get our walks. I don't really exert any effort when I'm sitting outside (which really, works for me actually since I'm not "into" aerobics) and I observed Mom yesterday procrastinating, finding lots of things to do before indoor exercising. Interesting how those "should's" sure do plague our humans.
Although we dogs live with no worries or regrets, I've noticed that another human trait seems to be feeling grateful and not taking good things for granted. That guy Pete (my 'blog buddy') reminded me how wonderful my Mom is and how lucky I am to have her as my Mom. I think I ought to introduce the two of them since they seem to think alike!
After supper Mom sprayed some stuff on my bedtime cookie that's supposed to help keep my mouth healthy. It also helped soften the chewy so I could enjoy it more--a double blessing.
Wonderful sleep again; sure hope we can stay on this roll.

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