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Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/1/09 Mom was hustling about this morning getting ready to leave me when I had an accident on the kitchen floor. So she had to really rush then to get the floor scrubbed and not be late. Susan came over to see me, though, so the day turned out okay.
When Mom got back (which I have to remember she always does...) she had her arms full of packages. Seems she went shopping and I could feel that she was thrilled about something. Turns out her excitement was over the new dish she got me--even more than the clothes she had purchased for herself! It's so fun to know she went out and had some fun especially when it lasted and spilled over to me. The new dish seemed to work for me right away. I can even push it where I want it without being afraid the food or water might spill. And it's nice have access to water now all the time instead of making Mom guess whether I'm thirsty or not. All in all, hopefully this nifty purple dish will make life easier for both of us.
It was so wonderful to get a peaceful night's sleep and also to know that Mom did as well.

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