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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday with Mom!

10/09/09 Mom had to talk to Auntie Robyn for a very long time first thing this morning. Think it had something to do with the problems from the night before. Then Mom got to go out with a friend again. Later she awakened me from my morning nap for my walk. When she does that, I'm really disoriented and it sure does take me a long time to get my bearings--going back and forth and in circles which requires lots of patience from Mom. Finally I got in gear and enjoyed a bunch of 'newsy' smells. I guess lots goes on 'out there' while I'm sleeping.
Wasn't too fond of the food Mom served today but finally finished it late. Seems after walking later than usual the rest of my schedule was all delayed, too. It looked like I wasn't going to settle down after last call, so Mom put me in the kitched. It didn't take me long to figure out I'd rather be in my bed in her bedroom with her than wandering around in the kitchen. We both got another good night's sleep.
Since it's hard for me to find my 'real' bed these days I ended up on this cushion today. It looks sort of like it belongs to this holiday, don't you think?

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