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Monday, October 12, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/10/09 Mom got up really early and worked at the 'problem'. Then she kept me company as I slept while she was changing the bed linens. I awoke before she was finished. Today she gave me a whole 1/2 can of food for breakfast. Think it's so she doesn't have to blend and store as much--and then I can decide how much I need/want to eat, anyway. Didn't finish the whole can...
It was a really, really laid back day. But Mom was very busy on the computer creating stuff to share again. I believe it was photos so she and her freinds can remember fun days from the past. I finally talked her into also creating an album for Katie when she gets a chance. Afterall, Katie was as big a part of her life (and mine) as anything in her life. After more than 15 years we never bonded closely but that's a very long time in 'dog years' to have a constant companion. It would be hard not to have her 'in one's blood' so to speak.
10/11/09 What a great morning. We both were up at a decent hour and didn't rush to do much of anything. Our walk could be a bit later since the weather isn't quite so warm these days. In fact I used the don't-eat-and-stare-at-Mom technique to be sure she didn't get too busy to take me.
Later Mom got on the phone with Auntie Robyn & Jim to figure out the business problem but after a very long time they still didn't get it fixed. Needless to say the rest of the evening was even more relaxing since now Mom couldn't even work on the computer sending messages or pictures. It if stays this way maybe she can get Katie's album done which would give her lots of joy.
It's been a great two days with no wet floors and lots of good sleep even though Mom's nose is still acting up now and then.

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