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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/29/09 Mom got her walk this morning but I couldn't figure out what to do outside so she tried to feed me. Her very busy morning, sorry to say was made busier when I spilled a whole bowl of my soupy food and then walked in it. I had to have a 'foot bath' which I didn't like very much. Sure do wish I could see well enough to avoid these kinds of accidents--for both our sakes. Whatever Mom did next took her away for about 4 HOURS. I'm proud to report I didn't pee the whole time and she cuddled me as a reward--along with a cookie, of course.
I'll be darned if she didn't leave again in the afternoon, but this time not for so long. Both times I was up when she got back, but not crying like I usually do.
I seem to want to be awake more than usual lately. Of course this makes Mom feel like I should be doing something besides wandering around wondering where I am. I wish I could convince her that there really isn't much she can do for me when I've eaten, had my water, done my bathroom duties and don't want to sleep. It's not like she can play with me or give me any toy or trick that will entertain me and I certainly couldn't consume more cookies than she already gives me. It simply has to be okay the way it is.
It's harder to accept the lack of sleep Mom gets sometimes, though... Seems she can't take the naps I do during the day to make up for my restless nights. Sometimes I marvel at how she keep herself so healthy and alert when she misses so much sleep.

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