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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/23/09 Once again this morning, Mom was so clever. Knowing I didn't seem to remember I should potty outside, she put the 'piddle pad' from my bed out on the ground so I could smell it--that did the trick. So the day went better. Maybe we'll get used to the old routine again or maybe even an improved one. No walk yet, though since it seems we needed to sleep late and then Mom woke up with a catch in her back it looked like (I know she was holding her head last night, too).
I wasn't sure I'd like being confined in my kitchen area, but finally realized it WOULD help keep me from being disoriented in dark corners since I can't see that well anyway. There are fewer corners in my space now. And I can sense her in this part of the house almost all the time--even if I can't SEE her there.
I slept lots again today, dreaming of catching up with the others one day...
I catch up with some exercise when I get my bedtime cookie. It takes me a very long time to eat my treats these days. It's a challenge just trying to pick up my 'cookies', keep them in my mouth and then look through dimming vision for them when they fall on the floor. Might help if our floor weren't just about the same color as every dog biscuit ever made!

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