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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday with Mom!

9/25/09 Waking at 6 a.m. I was ready to go right back to bed after 'morning duties'. Mom put my food out and then left to do something with her friend--I was STILL alseep when she got back.
Later, outside waiting for the urge to strike, I finally drank some water for Mom. Just couldn't go potty on her schedule even though I was outside for a long time--so one look at my food and I pee'd all over the kitchen floor. Although I know Mom understands, it doesn't make her happy to have her day interrupted with a chore like mopping (which she dislikes anyway). On the other hand, I think she was beginning to stick to the floor now that the kitchen is my it might have been a good thing all around.
But having to do it a second time today made her understandably a bit peeved--although I'm proud to report that she is finally learning to be more at peace with the patience that she so often has to demonstrate. Seems she sometimes spends more time than she realizes at the little box on the table, so she isn't immediately available when I need to go out. Besides, often I'm not sure myself when that is. I sure do miss the days when I could hop right out to the backyard through the doggie door and take care of things myself.
Again this evening I made up for my long morning without food. Then I began my searching for my habitual bedtime cookie pieces (with toothpaste on them). It just wears me out waiting and looking for thost last snacks. I further exhaust myself by working hard to pick them up out of the dish or off the floor then keep them in my mouth so I can chew them. Finally I drank some more water for Mom, having worked so hard at 'cookie time' I was thirsty. Another good night.

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