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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday with Mom!

9/28/09 Posting a bit late today because Mom had a very busy morning. Okay, so after a late night and early morning we slept in today. Didn't know it, but good thing I rested up for the dreaded grooming day. Poor Carla thinks I'm always trying to bite her and really just warning, but I do understand because she knows dogs so well. I have lost so much of my control over my life that when I lose my footing it just about drives me over the edge. Mom always is there which is very comforting and makes it better even if her responsibility is to make sure with a towel my 'green teeth' (as Carla describes them) don't make contact with anyone. I must admit I really do feel better afterward. If only I could let go of wanting control like that I could relax and this wouldn't be such a trauma for everyone.
I could tell Mom didn't feel up to par today--maybe partly because of my keeping her up so late. So I felt sorta bad when right away I got food on my head and along my the side of my new haircut so she had to wash me off so it wouldn't dry and be hard like on my mouthg.
Therefore it was wonderful to see her get a really great massage from one of my very favorite people, Day. Then of course Day always talks to me and does energy work on me. She really likes me. I told Day to tell Mom that I'm still not ready to leave and that I'd let her know so she could make sure Mom will be okay.

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