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Monday, September 7, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/5/09 Didn't feel like eating much this a.m. so I napped while Mom walked in the rain! Later when I did decide to eat TWO lunches I tried thanking her as I often do by gently bumping her leg or foot with my nose. Sometimes I use this same gesture to tell her I'm really hungry and could she please hurry with the food. Of course I can use my 'nuzzles' just to say 'Hi!", 'don't forget I'm here, too' or 'THERE you are'... Somehow she doesn't seem to appreciate my gesture of gratitude--she wipes the food which is caked in around my mouth off her leg right away. Maybe one day she will understand.

It never got very light today. I think maybe this is one time that I'm happy I can't hear or see very well since I could feel the electricity in the air. My suspicions were confirmed that it was a rainy day when I had to go out in it again to do my 'business'.

Perhaps the cooler drizzly day put me in the mood as I slept really well.

9/6/09 This morning Mom didn't get to me in time and I wet my bed. Only one other time did this happen but this one was WET. I wonder if some part of me knew it would be laundry day since because of that it didn't seem to be a big disaster to Mom. And she sure did hustle doing three loads, in and out, hanging it all on the line outside. She also talked on the phone.

Later a human that was in my life from the time I was born stopped by for something from Mom at the little box on the table. She let me sniff her hand but I didn't much feel like being petted since it was my naptime. She knew because I just didn't act much interested. Maybe eating two meals at a time is becoming a habit, since that's what I did again for dinner.

I sure do hope Mom can fit some more walks into our days since I look forward to them and they sure do keep me limbered up as much as is possible at my age.

So tired, tonight when Mom put me outside for last call that I sat and fell asleep in the yard! Needless to say it didn't take me very long to find that right and comfortable position for sleeping soundly all night.

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