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Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/17/09 I thought it was going to be another lazy day as time went by. But regardless of all Mom needed to do today, she finally got me outside. Although it was a very short walk which is probably a wise thing after not much exercise for a while, it was awesome. I was confused by all the new smells but thoroughly enjoyed them at the same time. It was so exhilarating that I once again did my version of running.
Mom went out to lunch and all was well all day long... I even had a peaceful evening and night's sleep.
When my days are so uneventful, I can do lots of reminiscing. I remembered that Mom's creativity 'spilled over' to her many dogs years ago. She had us "paw paint" and I might say some of us had a real knack for it. Some of us not so much. I hope you enjoy my artistic offering.

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