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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/16/09 Slept REALLY late today! Mom seems to be getting all the technical boxes under control now. And her other 'inventions' to keep accidents to a minimum and the house clean seem to be working very well.
Mom just had to watch the first "Biggest Loser" TV show for the season last night, so it was late before we all settled in--and then she got up early to 'do her duty' walking Sugar. So she tried to take a nap in the afternoon when the phone began ringing and Sugar found something to bark at. After that many interruptions naptime was over early...for her.
Bedtime, planned for early, turned into a 'zoo'--Mom finally had to 'pet me to sleep' again. I was so antsy that she kept putting me out even after she was reading for a bit before sleeping (watching me more closely now...). The last time she was startled by a scorpion on the back patio. After letting it make her retreat inside with me in tow, she finally smashed it with a big boot. She was going to leave it for Robyn & Jim to see, but finally concerned about us dogs, she swept its pieces into the rocks. Once again I must say our humans sure do make something out of nothing, don't they?

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