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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday with Mom!

9/4/09 Mom didn't seem to be too affected by her interrupted sleep last night--at least didn't take it out on me. Other than a teensy accident that she stepped in but took calmly, all was well...

Back to when I was a puppy again... For some reason Mom heard a funny little questioning yawn sound coming from the back of her van when she took me and my cousins for our first puppy shots. She thought it cute & strange as she'd never heard anything like it before nor has she since from any other creature. Just me, since I'm still doing it. It means lots of things that she hasn't quite figured out yet. Mostly though it really is a question mark when I'm uncertain of something, like where were we going that first trip?...along with a bit of queazy feeling. Even this morning as Mom was carrying me back in from first potty call, I said that to her--but she didn't quite get my message (no matter how hard she tries).

Have to confess we had a couple of floor scrubbing accidents today. First I spilled my water by trying to get past it--just don't see it there. Then since going in circles is yet another means of communication that Mom just can't get, I tinkled on the floor. I was going in circles but she just didn't understand--which admittedly might be tough for her, like the question yawn, since I'm trying to say different things at different times! Oh well, we both keep trying our best.

It's refreshing to have a good night...

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