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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday with Mom!

9/11/09 Once again Sugar, Auntie Robyn & Mom took their walk before I got up--sure hope Mom can work in a walk for me once in a while since maybe I'd have more energy during the day that way (and less at night). Today I spent more time in the cool grass while Mom, Robyn & Jim did their visiting before the trip. Then Mom had to do the old 'trick' of coaxing me to eat by feeding me with a spoon. It sure tasted good when I got the idea, especially since I didn't eat much yesterday.

Speaking of the grass...Mom is letting me spend lots of time in it. It feels really good because it's cool and soft--not like our rock yard at home. It reminds me of when we had our big back yard of grass. But back then Katie and I could run as fast as we wanted through it. Now, however, this plush grass is just deep enough and uneven enough that it's hard for me to even stand up in. Consequently, while I am able to "do my business", then I just sit and enjoy the out of doors until Mom comes to get me.

The energy here today was just plain electric the first half of the day in anticipation of Robyn & Jim's trip. Auntie Robyn cried when they finally left because it is so hard for her to leave her Sugar for almost 2 weeks. Then the energy in this house crashed so hard that Sugar and I took a really long nap and Mom even rested, too--after she got away from all three of the little boxes on tables and the phone.

I just about got blown away by the wind during last call. I'm a little confused about our different bedroom here, but finally settled in to another good night.

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