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Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/10/09 Today was a very lazy day for me. Mom & Robyn took Sugar for a walk before I even got up this morning. Then Mom, Robyn & Jim went out...I think I heard them talking about something called a 'fair'. I settled into my 'double bed' just fine. And I'm really proud to report that once again I had no accidents on Auntie Robyn's carpeting.

One thing you'll notice if you ever come to visit Sugar is she has a huge stash of toys--I mean really lots! Katie and I used to be spoiled and love our stuffed toys, too, but Sugar has us beat by a mile. Mostly she likes the ones that squeak, though. Katie and I weren't particular that way. And Sugar, being a bigger dog, also loves her tough toys. Jim plays with her really hard--Mom never did 'rough house' with us much. Since there were two of us, sometimes we'd get in a squabble over which one of us should fetch the toy. Katie wasn't much for sharing. In fact we didn't really 'connect' in such a way that we had much of anything to do with one another. I think it was because her mind wasn't quite right from the beginning. We dogs can sense those things--more quickly than our humans can...

Really good night after only one 'outing'.

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