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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!


9/2/09 What a WEIRD day! I just couldn't decide if I wanted to go for my walk or not, going in circles, finding more to sniff than usual, changing directions--until Mom had enough and brought me home. She then went out and came back with lots of bags. She sure does get busy sometimes...putting things away, talking on the phone and working at that little 'box'. Seems like her day was 'off' too, from her body language--heck, she even did some pacing like she didn't know which way she wanted to go! Think I heard her tell someone there's a full moon.

Once again it was a cloudy day and being a dog without the human dramas Mom has, I got to spend my hours in dreamland again. For some reason I began thinking about some of the dogs I grew up with. I was born in Mom's boarding kennel along with lots of cousins and my sister. She also adopted lots of other playmates. I remember Rusty (see the photo). He could almost keep up with me >ha<>

Still a little restless during dinner and before bedtime, but completely worn out from such a day, so it was another good night.

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