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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday with Mom!


8/31/09 How could I have been so wrong about the relaxing night! Mom was pretty "matter-of-fact" (bordering on just plain tired and grumpy) this morning. Somehow I must help her remember I would never be restless all night, up twice and ready to begin my day at the 'crack of dawn' to be naughty.

Even after our walk I didn't feel very hungry. Maybe I'm really tired, too. But boy, when dinner time came once again I ate several helpings and wasn't too messy this time. I'm always happy when I make life easier for Mom, but then when things go wrong I don't take it too hard. I've learned that it doesn't really matter much in the big picture. Guess you'd say I've pretty much been "happy-go-lucky" all my life.

Today was understandably slow for both Mom & me, even cloudy. So we had lots of time to reminisce again. I recall that Mom has always been passionate about creating just about anything--artwork, photography, sculpture, birthday cakes, designs on walls, sewing or just about anything. One time she had this great idea to sew 'designer' dog coats. Even though they were all sizes, colors, for girls and for boys, Katie and I had to be the models for pictures. Well you can see what my attitude was about the cowboy outfit Mom designed for a chihuahua! You ought to have seen Katie Lou in it--she looked like she was dancing or something trying to get those little boots off her feet! I understand that my fancy shirts now are necessary so I let it be just fine.

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