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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/22/09 Auntie Robyn, Sugar and Mom walked again today. Guess everyone will be getting back to their regular routines again. I didn't like it much as Mom packed, taking my beds and everything away. She didn't feed me as much as usual before we left to come home, so I fidgeted more in the car than usual. Finally we had to stop because I was about to wedge myself between the cooler and the car door--Mom rescued me again.
All the way home Mom seemed really sad. I wish I could help her remember that living each moment, not looking back or forward is the way to enjoy her life--like we animals do. And she needs to stop acting so brave, strong & happy all the time (like she thinks she should). I know she loves having me with her, but I just can't quite communicate as well as I used to, so sometimes even with me here she feels lonely. While we were at Auntie Robyn's house Mom enjoyed how Sugar looked into her eyes, could play and doesn't require so much work--all the things I used to.
I am very disoriented being home. My smells were washed away from my back yard so I don't even know where I should pee now. My feet are sliding all over the hard floors--I miss the carpet. Mom confined me in the kitchen so she could get a moment to herself and even then I found a place to get trapped!
So now that we're back home I will again begin deciding when it would be good for me to get on with my next life and let Mom figure out what's next for her. Especially true after the nightmarish night we spent--not even worthy of giving any power with words!

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