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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/1/09 What a great day! Although I was restless most of the night--guess I couldn't find my most comfortable position--I didn't have to get Mom up all night and even held everything until she got back from her walk. I got the hot walk, but again was 'air-conditioned' with the moistened coat. Came home and ate like a little horse.

Warm, comforting thoughts this long daytime nap--of my favorite stuffed toy, my fuzzy monkey. I loved this guy probably because his long arms flopped when I played with him. You can see how worn out he was before I lost interest in playing with my toys a while back. Katie's favorite toy was "lion-king-man-dude" who kept getting torn in half with playing too rough. His demise when no more repairs could be made was a sad day indeed and I'm not sure Katie ever fully recovered. Maybe that's why she used to be so protective and line up her favorite stuffed toys on the couch when Mom was gone, I just cuddled up with 'monkey'. I didn't seem quite as "motherly" as Katie who also tried to take them outside with her upon occasion.

Then a rude awakening from sweet go outside in the rain to 'take care of business'. Of course I slept exactly long enough to endure the very brief monsoon. Oh well, back to sleep after a snack. As I said I don't sweat the small stuff.

Good night with minimal tossing and a bit of coughing. I'm proud I slept all night again.


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