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Monday, September 21, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/19/09 Both of us dogs got our walks today. I noticed when we returned that Sugar was howling mournfully--could it be that she misses us? OR does she think she is the only one who gets to go on walks? I must admit that while I don't want to be played with or even sniffed too much, I really enjoy having Sugar here with Mom and me. I sure wasn't hungry in spite of the exercise--I think it might be that Mom didn't make my food 'soupy' enough. She sure gets concerned when I don't eat when or as much as she thinks I should.
Finally before Mom went out for a bit in the afternoon, she put my food down and I was hungry enough to lick my fancy bowl clean before my afternoon nap.
It was an uneventful night.
9/20/09 Something was in the air today... Mom didn't feel like taking walks, but rather scurried about the house doing little things that she hadn't done since Auntie Robyn & Jim left. Once Mom talked on the telephone and then seemed sort of down. I think maybe she is sad for her Great Aunt who is very old, like me, and doesn't feel very well. And I also think she is beginning to miss her 'own kind'. Once again we dogs can feel that there is energy building. Hmmm...

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