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Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/3/09 As soon as I woke I knew there was something brewing again...Mom had already gone on her walk and I didn't get mine. Instead she put different clothes on and gold things dangling from her ears. Soon I knew Mom was enjoying another day out with a girlfriend when my friend Susan popped in to visit me. Of course I'd rather have Mom here with me but sure do enjoy Susan's visits! She sits on the floor with me and rubs my belly (always feeds me, too).

I remember the days when Mom used to take us 'kids' everywhere with her. When I was a pup, riding in the car made me feel just awful. One time we went through some curves and Mom couldn't stop before I deposited my breakfast between the seats! So I'm really glad I outgrew that since I've always loved being with Mom. It took a while longer for me to get over being 'gun shy' about every noise like rocks hitting the car, or you should have seen me when we had to pass a huge truck! I sure wanted to get in Mom's lap sometimes but she wouldn't let me since she was always driving. Now I only get to go in the car to the groomer or when we visit Sugar II in her town about 3 hours away. I sleep all the way. All her life, Katie was one of those who went to sleep right away on our trips--that would have been nice.

After my TWO bowls of dinner, Mom realized she is going to have to add yet another "Jack duty" to her day...I'm just so messy when I eat that food cakes onto my face & chest (sometimes even my feet and even tail!) until it gets hard and crusty. So if Mom can just wash my face after my meals then I'll be more comfortable. She's just about got cleanup around my eating area conquered.

Doggone it! I must have eaten way too much--just couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position for like forever. Then I topped it off by needing to go out to eliminate some of it. Really settled in around 4:30 a.m. Sure do hope Mom isn't too crouchy today...

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