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Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/24/09 I was so happy to get my walk this morning that I did my "bunnyhop" run for a good portion of it. We met one of the kind couples who also walk and she reminded Mom to 'enjoy me while she can'.
I couldn't sleep too well since there was a delicious smell all around me keeping me awake. Since Mom's only cooking is usually for me, I really hoped she'd shares whatever it was. My wish came true and I found a way to devour all the morsels of freshly cooked chicken she offered me. This whetted my appetite so well I then ate two whole bowls of my own food. Mom keeps sticking my nose in my water bowl, but since she has been blending my food with some water I've not been interested in drinking anything at all. I guess I'm getting all the water I need to stay healthy from my food now. My mom sure wants to do all she can for me so this bothers her, thinking I need to drink water. Well, just like with babies who seem to have preferences, maybe if parents wouldn't worry so much we could naturally select what's best for us.
Later Mom gave me some massages. She sure does a good job and I love it--she could do it more often than she does and I'd be happy.
This evening I spent wandering in the kitchen, seems Mom should have just shown me where my bed was. When she took me outside, I went to sleep so she finally got the message that it was my bedtime. I slept like a log.

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